Aug. 3. 2016. -
My new album Connections has been released. It mostly features modular noodlings and experiments recorded over the past four years.
Aug. 9. 2015. -
I have released a new EP called Hecklers. It features mostly the Waldorf Rocket and Streichfett and was recorded without a computer, on a Tascam DP-24.
Jul. 25. 2014. -
A new set of experimental recordings using the Korg ER-1 and EA-1 electribes has been released as the Doing It Wrong EP.
Sep. 15. 2013. -
New album Digital Stimulation has been released.
Jan. 20. 2013. -
Live modular recordings formally (re)released as an album called Livewire Vol. 1
Dec. 30. 2012. -
New album Expensive Noise Machine has been released.
Aug. 25. 2011. -
New album Hexagon has been released.
Apr. 30. 2011. -
Another track for the new album was uploaded to the New music section. The track is called "prelet dirss". Also, a slightly older track has been renamed to "sturi" and will also be part of the new album.
Apr. 26. 2011. -
Two new tracks in the New music section called "andsti plam" and "xipci function". They will probably become part of a new modular-based album.
Nov. 13. 2010. -
New music section with live jams uploaded. I will soon divide this section in modular and non-modular jams.
Aug. 06. 2009. -
New album Astronauta has been finished. Currently, it is only available online here.
Jul. 02. 2008. -
My albums are now available for purchase (digital download) at my CD-Baby page.
May. 03. 2008. -
The Pictures section now contains various videos.
Mar. 17. 2008. -
First video uploaded (in the pictures section). It's called "nobtweaka".
Dec. 17. 2007. -
New song uploaded: "El Método". This song is part of the Sacalepunta album.
Aug. 19. 2007. -
First significant update after almost one year. Two more songs have been finished for the new Sacalepunta EP. The songs are called "Dos Tres" and "No Macintosh". Sacalepunta will be finished in a couple months.
Oct. 16. 2006. -
New song uploaded: "Torciendo los fierros". Updated gear list.
Aug. 22. 2006. -
New song uploaded: "Mas papita que en la tienda de la esquina".
Aug. 21. 2006. -
ReTrack Tape EP released. Check the Music|New Stuff section for more information.
Aug. 6. 2006. -
New song uploaded: "Chinchechamaco".
Jul. 6. 2006. -
Added "Sacalepunta": first new song in months. Updated Equipment section. Remaining sections will be finished within the next two weeks.
Feb. 7. 2006. -
Website has been redesigned. Soundclick-based radio stations have been created for each album (except "No Cover"). New album "Geek" has been completed.
Nov. 8. 2005. -
Uploaded a new fast-tempo song: "Overclock". All made with my new DAW.
Sep. 26. 2005. -
Two more songs: "Drown" and "Funktional Brain".
Aug. 21. 2005. -
There are two new One-Synth-Only small demo songs: "Modular 1" is my first experiment with the small (5-module) dotcom modular, and "Wu-Sick" is made with Wusikstation 2.
Jun. 13. 2005. -
Uploaded a couple of new songs: "Blue Bear" and "Inch".
Apr. 30. 2005. -
After a few months of trouble with the domain name, I finally gave up. I've settled for and now the site is back online. There's lots of new stuff, including five new electronic tracks, two Chesko Mono songs, and the Fractalive performance. Feliz día del niño.
Sep. 14. 2004. -
I have reorganized the Music Section a little bit. It's also my 28th birthday.
May. 13. 2004. -
Uploaded another soft synth experiment called "Pi". It's in the Electronic Music section.
May. 03. 2004. -
Another new track in the Electronic music section. The song is called "Keffy".
Feb. 25. 2004. -
Uploaded a new track in the Electronic music section. The title of the song is "Venus".
Jan. 30. 2004. -
New track in the Electronic music section called "Overflow".
Jan. 19. 2004. -
New softsynth tune called "Delta" in the Electronic music section. Updated gear list.
Dec. 11. 2003. -
Two new tunes in the Electronic music section. They're called "Ashley" and "Omicron".
Oct. 13. 2003. -
There's one new song in the Electronic section. It's called "Lunes 13".
Oct. 6. 2003. -
Added some pictures to the Media section.
Sep. 9. 2003. -
There are two new tracks in the Electronic section. They are "Burger Hungry" and "Won Won". Plus the Chesko Mono site is already up.
Jul. 20. 2003. -
Added two more songs in the Cover section. The songs are "Disco 2003" and "Tema De Pelicula". The file section has been reorganized in order to add a Chesko Mono website at a later time.
Jul. 8. 2003. -
Added a new song in the Cover section. The song is called "Broncas" and it's a cover from Coldplay's "Trouble".
Jul. 2. 2003. -
Added two more songs in the Cover section: "Afila Tus Cuchillos" and "Gracias Juanito (por el Jesucito fosforescente)".
Jul. 1. 2003. -
Created a new Cover section in the Music section. There are two new covers up there ("Cuchillos de Cocina" and "Entrando a la Era Dorada"). More to come soon.
A section with the gear list has also been added at the Music section.
Jun. 17. 2003. -
Uploaded two new tracks in the Electronic section. The titles are "Pretty Little Song" and "Afternoon".
Apr. 29. 2003. -
After more than six months, I've finished a new track in the Electronic genre. The track is called "Misplaced Hair".
Jan. 23. 2003. -
Added music and links sections.
Jan. 22. 2003. -
I'm starting to build up this website.